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Like Viagra Cialis Levitra prescription drugs are also used to treat male erectile dysfunction. Though all three prescription drugs basically work the same, relaxing the muscles that allow vessels to give way to blood increasing blood flow into the penis, there are essential differences that make one prescription drug different from the other. We already talked about the popularity of Viagra, and how it came to be known as the first ever true erectile dysfunction treatment in the market. But Cialis and Levitra prescription also have their own story.

Cialis for example was commercialized during the early 2000's. Composed of a different active ingredient than Viagra, those who today buy Cialis online prescription purchase a medication with tadalafil as the active ingredient. Besides, those that order Cialis online have two options to choose from. First, you can buy Cialis Daily Use. This kind you take once a day and every day. The low dosage allows the pill to be taken as indicated. Perk number one for this kind is that if you buy Cialis Daily Dose, you simply take your pill as you would a morning coffee. You'll be ready whenever. 36-hour-Cialis on the other hand, you take as early as 30 minutes before your sexual encounter. Those who order Cialis of this kind like calling it "weekend Cialis", because you take it once and you have juice to last up to 36 hours.

Then there is Levitra. For those that choose to buy Levitra online, you will be getting a high quality ED treatment as well. Levitra's active ingredient is vardenafil, an FDA-approved oral prescription medication to treat ED. When you order Levitra prescription, you take it no more than once a day. Like other ED medication, a Levitra prescription can cause priapism in some men. Always consult your physician before taking any ED medication

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